The PM² – Programme Management Methodology Guide Is Now Available!

The Centre of Excellence in PM² (CoEPM²),

The Centre of Excellence in PM².

 in cooperation with GSC.SMART-Digital Services (General Secretariat of the Council) is delighted to announce the release of the first ‘Programme Management Methodology’ Guide

The PM²-Programme Management (PM²-PgM) guide has been developed to support institutions and organisations using PM² (the European Commission’s official Project Management Methodology) to effectively run their ‘Programmes’. It allows managers (practitioners) to easily implement, evaluate and improve the performance and effectiveness of programmes they are managing, and it includes techniques that are practical, simple to incorporate and encourage transparency throughout the organisation.

While PM²-PgM is fully aligned with PM² and developed upon its successful legacy, it also incorporates elements from a wide range of globally accepted programme management best-practices, described in standards and methodologies, as well as relevant operational experience from the European Institutions.

As well as providing programme management guidance and support, this newly-released guide includes:

– A set of programme management processes and activities;

– Guidelines for applying the processes and using the artefacts; and

 – A set of effective mindset

The PM² – Programme Management Methodology Guide Is Now Available!