PM² trainer accreditation

The accreditation program is designed to create an ecosystem where learners can quickly identify high‑quality, practical training courses.

Accredited training partners are vetted based on strict quality requirements. This ensures that the courses they provide align with the latest version of the PM² Guide and prepare learners to use PM² in their projects. The training these providers offer also prepares learners for the PM² GROUP certification equivalent to the internal certification by the Center of Excellence in PM² for EU staff. 

Table of Contents

Accreditation process

The Van Haren Learning Solutions accreditation process is designed to be effective and efficient. The process allows organizations to register and deliver accredited training courses to candidates while meeting the ISO/IEC 17024 Conformity assessment.

The accreditation is based on three essential elements: 

  1. An organization audit
  2. A training execution/materials audit
  3. A trainer/teacher audit

We ensure that all organizations are treated equally and independently during the entire accreditation process. 


1. Organization audit

The organization audit consists of a quality audit and a financial audit.

  • The financial audit is a quick scan to see if the organization is financially sound. 
  • The quality audit is a more thorough check to see if all systems are in place to deliver training quality and distribute exam vouchers correctly. The quality manual considers different sizes of organizations; therefore, smaller organizations will have less complicated minimum barriers to meet the necessary criteria. All organizations are expected to conform to the current market standards of training organizations.

Be aware: Although affiliates will receive an even less thorough assessment, ATO remains responsible for managing ATO Affiliates’ training courses.

2. A training execution/materials audit

The training material check is executed by a third party appointed by Van Haren Learning Solutions and the IP owner of the audited scheme. They will evaluate the material to see if it covers all the required specifications of the Syllabus and provide feedback when necessary. This feedback needs to be implemented and the materials resubmitted. The training material check is complete as soon as the materials have been approved.

Be aware: No training material check is necessary if the official courseware is provided.

3. A trainer/teacher audit

All trainers are required to:

  1. Possess certification of the highest achievable level within that certification
  2. Provide proof that they have training experience or the required didactic skills to provide training. Their tutor (a qualified trainer) must then sign off on this. If they do not yet have the necessary knowledge or skills, they must demonstrate how they will acquire them. Trainers can do this by completing a specific training in this skill or by participating in training whereby they are then educated in the didactic requirements needed to give the training. Van Haren Learning Solutions will audit these requirements to ensure they are met. 

Who is responsible for accreditation?

Van Haren Learning Solutions is responsible for the accreditation of training organizations. The Certification Council of the PM² GROUP supports and audits this accreditation program.