PM² Foundation Certification

PM2 foundation Exam batch

Why certification

The PM² supported certification program creates a common understanding of the level of expertise required for managing PM² projects over the boundaries of European institutions and private organizations.




Understanding the certification levels

The European Commission has defined two levels of certification. The first level tests candidates’ theoretical knowledge, and the second their ability to put this knowledge into practice. The PM² GROUP certifies theoretical expertise with a Foundation PM² certificate. To achieve this certification, you need to pass the Foundation exam. This exam is based on the European certification Syllabus that details the covered topics, the required level of understanding, the number of questions, passing score, and exam time. The second (practitioner) level will be available soon.

PM² Foundation

Learning materials

Find quality approved training materials for classroom training or self-study and download the PM² Guide for free.

Accreditation of Education Partners

Find trainers that are accredited based on a transparent and quality-based accreditation scheme compliant with PM² GROUP guidelines.


Test your knowledge and become certified based on certification standards set out by the European Commission.

Redeem your social badge

Showcase your proficiency in PM² Project Management and share your achievements on LinkedIn.

The PM² Foundation exam is available in multiple languages.

Why certify?

independent verification of skills

A certification provides acknowledgment of your skills and knowledge. It provides a way to independently prove to your (potential) employer that you have the skills you claim to possess.

Remain competitive and employable

Studies show that 90% of employers use certification as a reliable indicator of a good candidate in the hiring process. They do so because they are convinced that certification sets a benchmark for the required skills level and needed understanding and knowledge they would like their employees to have. 

Remain flexible in your job options

Switching jobs to obtain better conditions and opportunities is a constant factor in people’s working careers. Certifying your knowledge creates a competitive advantage in the job market.

Benefit from shared knowledge

Through best practices, professionals share knowledge that is accepted or prescribed as most effective for a particular problem. Learning and certifying this knowledge helps improve your professional effectiveness and enables you to develop this best practice further.