One month in – PM² GROUP.

The first of September,  the PM² GROUP has been launched. One month in, the PM² GROUP has not been silent.
The first webinar is planned to provide an overview of European project management with PM². This webinar is given by Lex van der Helm and Laurent Kummer. Both Lex and Laurent are very active within the PM²  environment and have provided a large amount of training in PM²  in the last couple of years. They both are also very active project management professionals within the European Commission.

PM² webinar
In the webinar, we will explain what PM² is and why it is  relevant and what the PM²  GROUP is, and why we have such high regard for PM². The goal of the PM²  in enabling European project management according to PM² .

The PM² GROUP is a consortium, meaning that it is  a collaboration between members who have a shared set of values, and who have common goals.

PM² group’s goal
PM² group’s goal is to facilitate the implementation of the PM² project management methodology in public and private projects as intended by the Center of Excellence in PM² of the European Commission.

The PM² group has set out three main activity areas to achieve this goal:

1. Auditing the supported public certification and trainer accreditation program, based on the EU commission’s guidelines.

2. Promoting the adoption of PM² in European public and private organizations

3. Facilitate access to PM² learning materials and certification for individuals who want to increase their employability.

Certification Council PM²

The PM² group is governed by the Certification Council, the Council is an independent panel of PM² and certification experts each representing different industries and interests. Council members are selected from member organizations of the PM² GROUP based on their experience, network and contributions to PM².

In last, a new member was added to the PM² GROUP, from who also a representative joint the council. We are happy to welcome Cronos Europa.

About Cronos Europa
Cronos Europa is a company of the Cronos Group uniquely dedicated to the creative and digital challenges of European institutions. We accompany our clients throughout their projects, locally and remotely, “from Ai to Zg Quantum”.

Cronos Europa consultants have been contributing to the development, implementation, and evangelization of PM² since its very inception. All stakeholders have been long awaiting an open and nonprofit coalition promoting PM² certifications based on the exact same criteria as those used by the European Commission staff. Being part of this initiative is a testimony to the dedication of our consultants and a core element of our corporate mission.

The council member Giovanni Colucci

Cronos Europe has already made significant contributions to the PM² GROUP. For which  they are asked to participate in the Certification council. Representing Cronos Europe will be
Giovanni Colucci.

Giovanni Colucci is Member of the Cronos Europa Management Team Presales, Marcom and Contract Management Director

Giovanni is a business leader passioned about growth through people, technologies, and open collaboration. He has a broad international background across industries and geographies – from management consultant, to CEO, to board member, in start-ups, scale ups and Fortune 100 companies. IESE MBA.

One month in – PM² GROUP.