Learning Materials

Below you can find an overview of available training materials. The PM² guide is available for free on the website of the European Union. Our members and accredited training organizations also offer various training materials. An overview of all available material can be found below. 

Table of Contents

Official PM² literature and publications

The European Commission’s Centre of Excellence in PM² (CoEPM²) provides EU Institutions with a high-quality Project Management framework, support, training and consulting services. It has created several publications about PM² that you can download for free. The most important resources are listed below


PM² Project Management methodology guide v3.0.1

PM² is a project management methodology developed and supported by the European Commission.

PM² Agile guide v3.0.1

PM²-Agile Guide supports institutions and organisations using PM² to effectively introduce Agile practices to their projects while maintaining enterprise awareness and compliance at the overall project level. PM²-Agile should be perceived/understood as an extension of PM².

PM² Programme Management methodology guide v1

The PM²-Programme Management (PM²-PgM) guide is a framework developed to support institutions and organisations using PM² (the European Commission’s official Project Management Methodology) to effectively run their Programmes. It has been developed as an extension of PM², enhancing its overall offering. 


Free PM² eLearning course

The European Commission created a free e-learning on the PM² essentials. The course aims to provide learners with an overall understanding of the roles and responsibilities of project management. This e-learning module consists of a Content module: with video animations, action cards and short quizzes, and an Assessment module: with 20 questions with a 60% pass mark.

Learning objectives: Upon completion, learners will understand the following: Roles and Responsibilities in Project Management; Key concepts used in Project Management; Principles of the PM² Methodology. Note that this course on its own is not sufficient to prepare for the first certification level. 

PM² courseware

The Publisher Van Haren Publishing has published Accredited courseware, which is available in several languages. It has been created and reviewed by leading experts in PM². The training material meets high-quality standards and makes it possible for third-party training organizations to train conform the accreditation scheme immediately.

Training by accredited trainers

Accredited trainers are vetted based on strict quality requirements. This ensures that the courses they provide align with the latest version of the PM² Guide and prepare students to use PM² in their projects. The training these trainers offer also prepares learners for the PM² GROUP certification equivalent to the internal certification by the Center of Excellence in PM² for EU staff.